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Aug 19, 2020, 9:45 AM PDT

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Join California energy innovators to discuss the latest tips, techniques, and technologies that maximize the cash benefits of distributed energy resources.

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09:45 AM

The California Energy Crisis - A Vicennial Event
  • Gregg Dixon, CEO, Voltus

12:15 PM

Auto-DR: Programs, Automation, and Rebates
  • James McPhail, Chairman of the Board, Enersponse
  • Cole Shelton, Strategic Sales Director, Voltus

10:00 AM

Voltus Presents: Demand Response - Flattening the (Other) Curve
  • Sam Scuilli, Senior Director of Sales
  • James Gill, Energy Markets Manager

12:45 PM

Practitioner Panel: Demand Response in Action
  • Stephanie Hendricks, VP of Operations and Customer Success, Voltus
  • Hector Ovalle, Refrigeration Manager, Central Cold Storage
  • Danny Briones, Energy Engineer, Niagara Bottling
  • Jim Staggs, Energy Portfolio Manager, Walmart

10:30 AM

Practitioner Q&A: Becoming a Voltus Customer
  • Kelly Yazdani, Director of Marketing, Voltus
  • Lane DeVries, CEO, Sun Valley Group

01:30 PM

Sustaining Bottom Line Profit through Energy Efficiency
Shiva Subramanya, Principal, Enpowered Solutions

11:00 AM

Panel: How California Utilities are Responding to the Energy Emergency
  • Matthew Plante, President, Voltus 
  • Erica Keating, Principal Manager, Southern California Edison
  • Jomo Thorne, Manager, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Brad Mantz, Demand Response Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric

02:00 PM

Safely Bridging Demand Response & Long-Duration in Cold Storage
James Bell, President & CEO, Viking Cold Solutions

11:45 PM

Lunch Break

02:30 PM

Call to Action
Matthew Plante, President, Voltus 
Sponsors California

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