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Oct 21, 2020, 9:00 AM EDT

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Join energy innovators to discuss the latest tips, techniques, and technologies that maximize the cash benefits of distributed energy resources.

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09:00 AM

Welcome to Demand Response Lab PJM
Kelly Yazdani, Director of Marketing, Voltus

10:45 AM

Using Backup Generation to Drive Value - a CashGen case study
  • Sam Scuilli, Senior Director of Sales, Voltus

09:15 AM

Doubling Demand Response Dollars in PJM - using technology to drive customer success
Matt Plante, President, Voltus

11:00 AM

Demand Response in Action - practitioner panel
  • Stephanie Hendricks, Vice President of Operations & Customer Success, Voltus
  • Jim Staggs, Energy Portfolio Manager, Walmart
  • Ed Sayers, Vice President of Energy Services and Sustainable Practices, Simon Property Group

09:45 AM

Utility Bill Analysis - reducing generation & transmission capacity charges with Peak Saver
Todd Krause, Senior Vice President of Sales, Voltus

11:45 AM

Call to Action - recapping the opportunity
Matt Plante, President, Voltus

10:15 AM

Tripling the Value of a MW - the future of Synchronized Reserves in PJM
  • Dana Guernsey, Vice President of Product & Energy Markets, Voltus
  • Scott Baker, Senior Business Solutions Analyst, PJM

12:00 PM

Bonus Session: Act 129 is ending - now what?
  • Dana Guernsey, Vice President of Product & Energy Markets, Voltus
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